Amazingly enough i did forget my suspenders for this shoot/day- but the pictures turned out lovely!! i got so many compliments and i was just so happy with my new portal gun uvu

Photographer: Octoplanet Photography on facebook!  

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Drawn by mimiadraws on tumblr- wattley is so perfectly drawn!! im so glad i commissioned them! uvu <33333

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At banzaicon as Wheatley!! Met a chell first thing it was amazing
This is first time cosplaying with my portal gun its beautiful and Im happy with the compliments and everything dhksbsk

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Commission for gabberforth

I’m sorry it’s dark I just really needed to draw glowies and I liked his jacket ahaha.

hand explodes



Trio at the Beach by Arvata
Here, have some crack XD Wattley, Creepy Splendorman and a highly embarrassed Mr China at the beach doing casual human beach activities.

shhh mr china it all for fun uvu
gosh theyre all so cute sdkbj

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Just a core- I mean android now, not a doctor. They had me take care of the humans, but I wasn’t allowed more than watching over them and the machines keeping them alive. Which of course malfunctioned, leaving almost everyone dead.

There was only one area for Borealis, which I heard was a massive ship! But I’m pretty sure that they could have squeezed another in the area, since there wasn’t another spot dedicated to a ship of that size. Perhaps if the second were a tad lot bit smaller.

And…This  is not made out of apple skin mate, I’m pretty sure of it.

That narrator just wants what’s best for him! Good ending and everything. Pretty strange that Stanley would completely ignore him knowing that, even to his own death rather than listen. Then again if you ask me, most humans are a bit strange.

" Er…Must admit, didn’t think noses could be that sharp.. "